Who Are We


Well it shouldn’t be too difficult to explain, let me start with how many of us there are. There are four of us, two lots of two. Linda & Victor and Laura & David.

How Did We Get Here


Where we are now has taken a long time to get to. It started with a couple of holidays to Tenerife quite a few years ago now. Some years later Linda & Victor retired, spending longer and longer on the island. Laura & David were spending their holidays there too. More recently Laura & David bought an apartment in Garden City for family to use so they spend time with family while on holiday. In order to cover the running costs they decided to let it out. As the apartment had been completely refurbished, it proved more popular than they had expected.


Linda & Victor were also keen to have somewhere for friends and family to stay when they came to visit them. They also bought an apartment in Garden City for family and friends to use. It turned out to be next door to Laura & Davids.


 That covers the first two so why the third? That’s simple Linda, Victor, Laura and David were amazed at how popular Garden City is, add to that the rave reviews they received for their recently refurbished apartments. They decided to pool their resources and buy another apartment confident that following a complete refurbishment it would be as popular as the first two.


 They simply believe they can offer some of the best apartments in Garden City at competitive prices.